Proactive SQC™

Proactive SQC™: Inspection and Defect Analysis for Assembly Operations

Does this sound familiar?

  • "We need to see a Pareto of the top 5 defects but with different locations?"
  • "I spend about an hour every day just doing the inspection data entry..." "To get weekly charts by process, I need to combine data from several files by hand, and I do this for each process. What a waste of time!!!!"
  • "I tried to develop my own system in Access but I never have the time to finish it..."
  • "The customer does not care if it was only 1 defect out of 1000 opportunities, it is still a defective unit."
  • "When yields drop below our target level, it's my job to find out what happened. To get the answers, I have to go back to files and manually look up the inspection sheets."

    Altegra's Proactive SQC is an inspection and defect analysis system for mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronics assembly. Proactive SQC enables you to optimize your manufacturing process through fast, effective defect cause analysis and accurate, efficient inspection data collection. Proactive SQC gives you control over your inspection data, focuses your defect reduction efforts, and leads to increased yields.

Proactive SQC combines data collection screens optimized for quick data entry with straightforward, powerful, and flexible data analysis. Proactive SQC tracks yields, trends and defect types. Drill-down analysis, Pareto diagrams, and trend charts are only a few clicks away. The software's analytical capabilities can answer questions from your external and internal customers: QA, operations, manufacturing engineering, and management. A variety of reports can be generated: by assembly, by customer, by inspection point, by date, by time period, by defect kind. These include aggregate, plant-wide reports that combine data from various assembly numbers, inspection points, and dates.

Proactive SQC offers:

  • Inspection Data Collection
  • Inspection Data Management
  • Inspection Data Analysis
  • Pareto, Pie, Frequency, and Trend Charts
  • DMPO and DPU Calculations
  • Reports and Printouts
  • User-Configurable Inspection Screens
  • User-Configurable Defect Pick Lists
  • Clean, Consistent, Easy-to-Learn Screen Layouts
  • Data Access Security by User and Role
  • Multi-User or Stand-Alone Configurations
  • Industry-Standard Database Format

Proactive SQC enables you to accomplish more with limited staff and finite working hours. Will the one hour you allotted yourself for analyzing a problem be spent figuring out how to perform the analysis or, instead, doing the analysis and coming up with a solution? If it takes five minutes to determine the cause of a defect, a corrective action is likely to be quickly implemented. If you need to schedule an hour of mind-numbing manual work to do the same thing, the resolution of the problem is likely to be postponed for weeks. New technology has the most impact when it enables you to do something that you could not do otherwise. Proactive SQC can be the critical difference between being able to get things done or not.

If you are a contract manufacturer operating on thin profit margins, the ability to accurately track yields and take timely corrective action can make the difference between profit and loss. Even for captive operations, which might have the luxury of more comfortable margins, low yields waste limited raw materials and jeopardize delivery dates. Proactive SQC's efficient data collection and computerized data analysis make yield improvement possible. With Proactive SQC you can eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone manual defect management procedures, and optimize your manufacturing process with timely, actionable insight.

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