PlantNet SPC™

We are using PlantNet SPC and the GageManager. Both systems are super efficient, yet simple to use. Altegra goes over the top in providing all needed information! I use both systems daily and recommend both of them.”

– Tim
Quality Technician

PlantNet SPC™: The SPC Solution for Machine Shops

With PlantNet, operators do not need to master SPC methods to successfully practice SPC. They just enter measurements and read instructions on screen.

PlantNet automatically evaluates control charts and gives clear Stop/Go instructions to operators. PlantNet schedules inspections and tool changes to prevent dimensions from going out of spec.

PlantNet helps machine shops increase productivity and profitability by reducing downtime and preventing scrap.

PlantNet SPC™ Offers:

  • Standard and Predictive SPC
  • Tool Life Management
  • Uptime/Downtime Tracking
  • Job Efficiency Reporting
  • Quality Performance Reporting
  • Real-Time Job Event Notifications
  • Job Event Logging
  • Machine Usage History

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PlantNet software serves as an intelligent assistant helping the operator handle the increasing workload. Imagine someone tapping your operator on the shoulder just before a dimension goes out of spec. Imagine someone reminding the operator to change a tool before it’s too late. Imagine someone keeping track of machine downtime without any operator involvement. By helping the operator keep on top of his tasks, PlantNet software reduces the risk of missing delivery dates or shipping defective parts to the customer.

The data collected by PlantNet in order to control the job during execution becomes the source of insight into job performance and a source of improvement ideas. Having access to both real-time and historical data on tool life, downtime, and product quality allows shop management to make time-saving and cost-saving decisions – decisions guided by facts rather than ‘gut feel’. By providing detailed, hard-to-get data PlantNet becomes a catalyst for manufacturing process optimization.

Progressive shops in the US and Canada have been using PlantNet to sharpen their competitive edge since 1999.

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