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"With 3,000+ devices how do you know what’s due when? Gage Manager Knows! The information is just a click or two away. GageManager is just what our customers ask of us!“

– Wm
Quality Manager

“If saving time is one of your priorities, this software is for you.”

– Tim
Quality Technician

The purpose of GageManager is to enable its users to manage the company’s measuring equipment in a technically correct, audit-compliant, and time-saving manner.

GageManager™: Affordable, Fully Featured Calibration Management Software that's Easy to Use

Software Highlights:

  • Calibration Scheduling
  • Calibration History
  • Due/Overdue Status
  • Device Usage Tracking
  • Innovative Dashboards
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Calibration stickers and barcodes
  • Gage R&Rs / MSA-4
  • Single-User and Multi-User Installations
  • Uses reliable Microsoft SQL Server for data storage
  • Supports ISO Certification
  • Free Installation Assistance
  • Free Training Session
  • Free Support for 1 year
  • One-time License Fee

GageManager is available in several editions to fit a range of budgets and needs. Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of product editions. For the full description of available functionality, click here to open the GageManager product brochure.

Edition Gage Inventory Management Calibration Scheduling and Calibration Additional Features Maximum Number of Gages Price (first license)
Starter N/A - Compare Features 250 US$ 298
Small Company N/A - Compare Features No Limit US$ 498
Standard YES - Compare Features No Limit US$ 698
Premium YES - Compare Features No Limit Contact us
Enterprise YES - Compare Features No Limit Contact us

GageManager is an easy to use, affordable, fully featured calibration management system. Companies around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and have been using the GageManager since 1999 to gain control of device calibrations and pass ISO certifications.

GageManager offers device inventory management, calibration scheduling, and measurement system analysis, including Gage R&Rs. Whether you have to manage 50 devices or 5000, GageManager will save you time and help ensure that you never miss a calibration.

Key benefits :

  • Spend less time on calibration management
  • Stay current with evolving industry best practices (MSA 4th Edition)
  • Gain ISO Certification
  • Pass audits with confidence
  • Build customer trust with a professional calibration management system
  • Reduce system maintenance with reliable Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology
  • Be more efficient and get more done every day

Quotations and Discounts. We will gladly prepare a no-obligation quote for a configuration matching your needs. We offer quantity discounts on multiple licenses.

Data Import Service. Do you need to migrate your data from the current system into the new? We offer a Data Import Service. We can import data from Excel, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, and various calibration software into our calibration database. Contact us for details.

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